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Social Media is a very big "buzz word" and businesses often wonder how important having a Social Media presence is for their business.

Social Media Presence

The need to have a business social media page on different platforms completely depends on your market demographics and the type of business you run. Everyone should keep in mind that a business should never use a personal Facebook or other page to highlight their business.Then the question to ask is whether the majority of your prospective customers would use Social Media on a regular basis to look up businesses like yours? If the answer is yes, you should consider using business social media page, such as Meta (Facebook), Instagram and more.

The Power of Social Media

If you have a business where your customers love to see pictures of your products or services online, then yes, having a Social Media presence can be a possible benefit. A social media page such as Meta (Facebook) gives the business owner an opportunity to add information about their business themselves, without disturbing the content of their website. You can post images, you can talk about specials, or special events, and more. The biggest issue with many social media pages, however, is that the business owners do not keep the pages updates with current information. If you have such a page, you need to keep it from gonig stale.

We offer 2 options

We at Affordable Airdrie Web can create your pages for a one-time fee. We will set them up for you then you can then look after them yourself, ensuring that you keep your content current.

If you don't have the time or expertise to look after your business social media pages yourself, we can look after them for you on a monthly basis so that the information is always upkept.

Affordable Airdrie Web provides secure server service for your web needs.