Your Web Address is Important

Domain Name Research

Domain names are the lowest cost of all the parts needed to have a website show up on the internet, but sometimes they can be the most crucial. Having a domain name that has at least one of your business "keywords" in it can quite often be very helpful where Search Engines are concerned!

Your domain name is your website's internet address.

Your domain name does not necessarily need to be your business name. As long as your business name is repeated in your website content, that might be all you need. Domain names can have many different "extensions", such as .com, .ca, .net, .org, etc. Your domain name is the name you pick plus the extension you choose. Domain names are "unique" - there can only be one exactly like yours in the entire world.

Canadian Businesses Using .ca

If you want to have and someone else has it already, you may want to consider if your market is in Canada, as long as the .com website is not competing in your market area. A requirement from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is that the website owner must be a Canadian resident.

Domain Name Registration

Affordable Airdrie Web will help you research the best name for your business, we will register it in your name through our affiliated Domain Registrar, and we will then look after it to make sure it is always renewed on time. Domain names can be renewed yearly, or you can choose a period of up to 9 years. Although it is probably the lowest of all the possible web-related costs, it is actually the most important because if you miss renewing your domain name, your website will stop working on the internet.

Affordable Airdrie Web helps businesses choose effective domain names.