Web Hosting

Canadian Server Service Provider


"Hosting"is using technology to make your website visible on the internet. Affordable Web Design Ltd administers a hosting web server where we look after all our clients' websites. You don't need to do anything! We even set up email addresses associated with your website name for free!

Hosting services can vary greatly.

Some firms will host your website but don't include any emails, and many only offer "backup" services if you pay extra. A lot of hosting fees are in U.S. dollars, which means an added 35% or more of exchange rate costs. Many will not help you for any technical hosting issues which might come up because they are only set up as automatic systems, no voice at the end of the line!

We take care of everything!

Email addresses included

Hosting services are often just uploading your files to somewhere online, but that should not the end of it! At Affordable Airdrie Web, we include a myriad of services that others charge extra for. Our prices are in Canadian funds and the following are some of the services we include in the yearly fee:

  • Yearly website hosting.
  • Up to 5 email addresses included (you@youdomainname.com).
  • Extra firewalls and security software.
  • Daily backups of your website content.
  • Technical support when needed.
  • We automatically renew on your behalf so you don't have to worry!
Affordable Web Design Ltd and its affiliates sucvh as Affordable Airdrie Web provide our own hosting services with a lot of extras.

Affordable Airdrie Web provides secure server service for your web needs.